A good way to compensate.

Nick Canning is an extremely cat lover. Unfortunately for him, he cannot have a cat in his current place of residence. A real heartbreak for the young man who then made a big decision: if he cannot (still) have a cat, he will go to meet the cats to share with them a little hug and a nice souvenir selfie.
From this idea as little and crazy as it is, yet so sweet, born an Instagram account.

Cats and more cats

Every time he meets a cat in the street, or at a friend’s house, Nick takes a moment for them. He shares a little hug in their company before taking a picture. A way for him to show his love for these adorable hairballs while waiting to finally adopt a cat.

“Most of the cats on the pictures belong to friends, but some are wandering. “

It’s always in the same position that Nick gets his picture taken with his feline friends. Even if he does not have a cat, Nick intends to tell the world how much he loves them. He also hopes that one day a photo will make people want to adopt one in their turn.


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