Cat and her Mistress

Each cat is a unique story, as regards to its personality and expectations. There are nevertheless some basic thumb rules to follow were you to that deal master out of you.
When you think of a cat as a pet, you see a cuddly but independent animal that does not need to be taken out on a leash like a dog. Some expect cuddles, purrs, and a cat quite comfortably resting on the knees. For other people, however, the cat is a companion that comes out and comes back as he pleases, and is not particularly close. Still others see him as a playmate for their children, a reliable friend that spreads joy and the sense of self-confidence around the little ones. The cat can be all that … if he accepts it!

The ideal master of the cat, the one who respects his instincts

In reality it is the cat, or rather its personality, which decides this. If the gutter cat is like a lottery draw which one does not know how it will behave as adult, it is simpler for purebred cats to respond to common traits specific to this breed. It is easier in this case to adopt a cat that meets your personal expectations. Nevertheless, for his well-being, it is necessary not to impose anything on him and to let him act at ease.

The ideal master of the cat is rather a house-keeper

If you have to move several times a year and you are often away from your home, the cat is not the ideal pet for you.
But even though they usually prefer a calm and routine life without too many changes, cats might display considerable diversity; a kitten might, for instance, like to be surrounded by children who play with her and while another could feel comfortable in the car to follow you on weekends. Best chance you got of all is to train your cat while still very young!

The ideal cat master  always takes care of his/her cats

For your cat, who is actually the ideal master? A human who thinks of filling the tins of water and food is obvious. Clean litter is also a priority. But that’s not all. The domestic feline also demands close attention: some brushing, playing games together or enjoying moments of cuddling… All in all, your cat should occupy a quite important space in your thought as well as your time every day.

The ideal cat master is one who can  make him happy

Indeed, Most of the day the cat often finds himself alone and feels the need for your  attention and waits your come back. Your exclusive devoted time for your companion should not fall below the bottom line: twenty minutes as minimum. The phone is put aside, the computer switched off; everything is set up the way it looks all devoted to Felix and Felix only. Are you going to tell me that Felix does not always want to play or stay in your arms when you give him his moment? It’s not necessarily what he wants or expect. It is his own moment; he must be pleased.

Do not forget that it also needs a longer adaptation time than us, between 4 and 6 months following the changes in its lifestyle, especially if he was adopted as an adult. Think of mild anti-stress (Bach flowers for example) to help your new companion adjust to your pace and lifestyle.
Do you feel you are the perfect master for a cat? If you have this question in mind, then,  yes, you are!


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