Hayley Hooper
Since childhood, Hayley Hooper has only dreamed of helping abandoned animals, caring for them and finding them new homes. Rather than waiting passively for it to happen, she rolled up her sleeves, let her imagination go wide, and come up with the most effective way to meet her goal .
When Hayley Hooper grew old enough to understand that millions of animals lived on the streets, without family, across the country, her heart was broken. At six, she promised to do everything to help as many poor animals as she could. She never failed those innocent expectations and was quick to find a way to do it. Also passionate about running, the nine-year-old American girl from Atlanta had the very brilliant idea to launch the Kingswood Fun Run, a charity run to keep her neighbors in good health while supporting a local association, the AtlantaHumane Society, an animal shelter. A simple project whose success has only grown over the years.
Dramatic Success
The first initiative was organized in 2009 and brought together 12 amateur riders. Today, there are more than 100 participants, sponsors are jostling and the event has become a true reference. Thanks to her determination, Hayley Hooper managed to raise $ 43,000! An impressive sum that allowed the shelter to rescue many animals. “Every penny counts when it comes to improving the lives of our four-legged friends,” explains the teenager at The Dodo. Last year, I experienced a particularly moving moment. I went to the AHS and they told me that they had used some of the money to save 60 animals from a puppy mill. I know my work pays. “
Always Further
Hayley does not hesitate to take along any challenge when it comes to carrying out her  mission. Now aged 16 and as a soon university student, she has set a goal of raising $ 100,000 for the association before joining university. And when she is an adult, she intends to adopt as many cats and dogs as she can.
CONGRATULATIONS Hayley, you’ve done a GREAT JOB!


  1. My goodness Hayley you're a very compassionate young lady and I wish you all the luck in the world. I too love furkids to the moon and back and will never see a feral kitty go hungry.


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