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Saved while living a complicated life in the streets of Greece, this red cat has totally changed lives.

Some encounters really change everything. While wandering the streets, tiny and in very poor health, this adorable red cat was rescued and treated. Once in better form and completely re-established, the kitten was adopted by a family which has a little boy aged one and a half years old, called Peter.

Source: Youtube

At first, Blabla ( as the cat is named) needed two months to show trust toward his new family. Then things were very fast. Peter and Blabla quickly became totally inseparable. It’s very simple, one is never without the other and the bonds between the two friends have only grown together with them.

A new baby

Source: Youtube

A few years after the adoption of Blabla, Peter’s mother became pregnant with Peter’s sister. Since then, Blabla has been very protective of his human, spending his time rubbing against her or lying on her stomach. After the girl was born, Blabla became as close to her as he was to Peter.

What Blabla loves more than anything? It is undoubtedly kissing his new little sister and share siestas!

Surrounded by love, Blabla has the life he had always dreamed of!


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