Thanks to lynx-like eyes, this cat has turn to break the social media headlines. With an ability that is somewhat rare to observe in other pets, the cat can easily track the quick tricky movements of his master’s hands as the latter trying to hide a small ball under one of the three cups. So hard it is to cheat on this smart feline which seems unlikely to be deceived. He proves to find the ball each time under the right cup and succeeds to overcome his master’s tricky moves.
It is a intelligence-based games that allows the master to develop and check his pet’s cognitive abilities in joyful and playful way. Moreover, the game helps the cat relax and free himself from stress while preserving his physical as well as mental health.
It goes without saying that the master was able to teach his companion this skill of finding the ball under the right cup thanks to the process of exchanging success with rewards and treats. Were it not for rewards, the cat would have lacked the necessary motivation to bear the trouble and efforts needed to learn the skill.
No doubt the cat so smart and so skillful when it comes to finding things, tracking movements, and deciphering tricks. Take a close look at the video below:


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