It is not known in which of her nine lives is Sasha but what is certain is that she is determined to spend as much time as possible on Earth.
31 years old, making Sasha the oldest cat of the world. You know what does it mean in human years? It’s the same as if one of us lives 141 years! And she does not intend to stop in such an already lucky way! While her health is obviously fragile, the senior feline has just made her mind to refute the statistics by coming out even more healthy than ever after a very risky operation.

A true survivor since birth

World’s oldest cat? Sasha from UK is recently discovered by vet in a recent nose surgery that she’s 31, or 141 in human years (MailOnline)

— People’s Daily,China (@PDChina) July 23, 2017

This sublime cat suffered from a tumor in the muzzle that disrupted her breathing. The intervention was dangerous not only because of the advanced age of Sasha but also because kidney problems made the use of anesthetic very hazardous. Fortunately, everything went well and after a few days in observation, she was back home, near the radiator, her favorite spot.

Meanwhile, when the veterinarians learned about Sasha’s age, they were very surprised and strongly advised her mistress Beth O’Neill to register her in the Guinness Book of Records because they say she is the oldest cat up to this day. The last to hold the title was Scooter and died at the age of 30 last year.

Beth had rescued Sash in 1991 after finding her while in a horseback ride, in the midst of nature, lonely, hungry and as skinny as a bare skeleton. She was about 5 years old and thanks to Beth’s love, she quickly recovered. Better yet, over the years, Sasha has survived several poisonings or an accident that fractured the sides and left a bump on her side. A true warrior to whom one still wishes a long and beautiful life!


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