For many of us, cats or dogs lovers, that sounds a horror movie of the type that can yield nightmares at daylight. The only difference is: this horror we’re going to talk about is REAL PRACTICE in some even well-educated parts of the world! We know some of you guys will feel it deep hard to finish reading, tears may halt them. They may ask: why the hell telling such a sad story? You should’ve not posted a subject like this! But wait! Our ultimate goal is push everyone with a heart to take action. Cats and dogs nightmares should be brought to an end, and that won’t happen without you taking initiative. (sign a petition against those brutal actions against poor innocent animals).

Every year, in several Asian countries, millions of cats and dogs are slaughtered and tortured in a merciless and barbaric way. Thousands of dogs and cats slaughterhouses of swarm in Asia: South Korea, Philippines, China, Thailand, Vietnam etc. In northeastern Thailand alone, no less than 30,000 dogs are killed per month. In the Philippines a small artisanal slaughterhouse can kill more than one hundred cats a day. In custody, the animals are piled up in tiny unhealthy cages where it is practically impossible for them to move.
These animals are atrociously tortured: beaten, smashed, skinned alive, smothered, hung, electrocuted, burned alive, slaughtered, drowned by watering pipes, nothing is spared! The suffering of dogs and cats must last so long, because according to the beliefs of those who consume their meat, all animals terrorized, martyred and beaten violently before their death, produce an adrenaline rush that makes their meat juicier, more tender and aphrodisiac!
In South Korea, for example, in the food sector, cats are sold live, leg-tied, to local markets. To quickly take off their fur, they are thrown alive into pans of boiling water, others are placed amass in jute bags and smashed violently against the ground before being skinned still alive and boiled. Some will even burn them alive, with a gas torch to make their fur disappear. Ginger, dates and chestnuts are added to the meat of cats to make the popular tonic of Goyangi-soju. 
The dogs, during their miserable detention, had the eardrums perforated by some breeders so that they do not bark !! They are hung by slow strangulation, beaten by heavy sticks, skinned and burned alive on burning embers, thrown into the fire alive!
Despite anger and condemns raised by for animals community, these countries’ government are still selling words instead of taking the issue more seriously. This put it all upon animal rights associations, pets lovers and all who have hearts on this world to broaden the campaign to force bring laws in those countries that criminalize abuses against the poor animals.
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  1. You are BELOW the bugs crawling on your feet. Why do you have to skin them, but worse, why do you torture them by being alive. Do you enjoy the screams and cries of a beautiful loving animal as you separate them from their bodies alive. You will BURN IN HELL, and I hope it's soon. The hell you put those helpless animals through, you WILL SUFFER SO MUCH WORSE. You will be on fire, ALIVE AND FOREVER.


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