Each cat is completely different. Some have very prominent jaws, others have ears of corn. It is always necessary to have the shape of the cat in mind and to meet the following three objectives:
– The cat must be perfectly round,
– The size should look natural,
– The cat must have an open expression.

When you cut, always go at least towards the most, that is, cut high and as you become more confident, you will cut more.
Always watch the cat as a whole after each scissors hit. The best is the enemy of good, no frenzied cut! When you start cutting, be sure to stop.

 1 Hair removal of vibrissae

The cat has a group of vibrissae above each eye. These small antennas curve up to the cat’s nose, thus closing the look and expression. These do not have the same functions as mustaches and repel. You can cut them, but the base will remain very hard and will leave an unpleasant touch. It is therefore best to depilate them, hair by hair. Some breeders want to keep them, so it is up to each one to do according to his sensitivity. This step is not mandatory.

  2 Face sculpting

  To start, you have to trim with scissors leaving few marks, prefer single scissors or double notches.

Using a small comb, begin by folding the fur from the cat’s ears to the nose, then fix your eyes between the cat ears and begin to redraw the bulging.
Once you have drawn the bulging forehead, cut the in-ear. Be careful not to draw too radical a break between the back of the ears and the neck. To do this, slightly degrade the hairs of “Owl Grand Duke” that are located near each ear.
Continue by cutting the cheeks. When you start the bottom of your cat’s head, two precautions are to be taken: do not touch the mustaches and do not work outside the face with the scissors.
The face of the cat should be round like a coin. Do not confuse with the whole head. If you can correct some imperfections naturally with the scissors at the level of the face, it is however more difficult to achieve for neophytes on the whole head. Too much to cut, you end by drawing stairs or creating heads of exotic on Longhair bodies.
Gently prune the ears of the cheeks using the scissors. Redraw the rounding little by little by cutting little fur each time. You can direct your scissors from the outer edge of the eye to the temples and then from the outer edge toward the middle of the cheek.
Once you are satisfied with the given shape, you can tweak your waist with curved scissors that will give a sharper and cleaner cut, eliminating small rebellious hairs.
Tip: To limit any trace to the cup, use your scissors in different directions of your hair.

  3 Opening the Look

On the face, some of the cat’s hairs come to close its expression. To correct it, you can use small curved scissors (or straight, it will depend on people).
With a small comb, fold the hairs between the two ears to the nose. Then take your scissors and cut from the outside edge of the eye inwards.
When you work your eyes, make a cut on one eye and then start the other. Passing from one to the other will avoid creating a dissymmetry.
At the moment when you open the expression, it is possible to correct the small ears of heads and other parasitic hairs that close the eyes. Be careful not to cut too drastically and always take the time to put the cat in front of you to see it as a whole. If your cat has a very drooping look, you can gently open it with the double-notch scissors, from the edge of the eye towards the temples being careful not to cut too much.

 4 The head as a whole

 For this last step, it is very difficult to work with scissors. It is therefore preferable to work by hand.

The face of your cat must be connected naturally to its collar as well as to the entire body. If the hair removal is not harmonious, the head will be detached from the collar and you will no longer have any natural effect.
Take the neck of your cat in full hand and let the chin and the top of the collar protrude above your hand. Begin by pinching the hairs that protrude and pull them.
Reassemble the top of the collar with your comb and repeat the operation to obtain a round collar. Paint your cat’s chest and eliminate the last spikes by hair removal.


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