The socialization of your kitten
Of course, you want your kitten to grow up as a friend and companion, an adult cat capable of living in harmony with human beings. To achieve this, you need to bear in mind that the socialization process for cats is very short. The first sixteen weeks of their lives are essential for their social and behavioral development.
The first experiences of your kitten
Before your arrival, your pet will have had the opportunity to communicate with his mother, his companions and a number of human beings.
The kittens must from their early age get used to being manipulated by humans, several if possible; So they will later accept that different people can take care of them. They also need to get familiar with the activities, smells and sounds of everyday life.
Furthering the work already done
Arriving home with you, your kitten would probably be between eight and twelve weeks old. He would  probably have had many first contacts with human beings and you should be able to take further  the work already done and help him become a friendly, happy and confident adult cat. Don’t forget that changing home and company can be somewhat a traumatic experience for the little hairball.
Take him to a safe and quiet place and show him where his food and litter are. Show him a lot of affection, caress him, speak to him in a soft, calm voice to make him feel home.
Playing is also a great way to weave a link between you and your kitten.
Kids and kittens
Bringing that social tie between kittens and kids as early as possible is very important. If your kitten doesn’t get familiar with kids’ presence early enough, he may later reject any contact with them, or even turn aggressive against the little ones.
If you have kids, they will of course be very excited at the idea of ​​hosting a kitten. It is up to you to make them understand that a kitten is not a toy and must be treated with great care. The sessions of the lectures will end when the kitten begins to grow tired. Also tell your children that a kitten can possibly scratch them or bite them while having fun.
People outside the family
It may be wise to present your kitten to as many people as possible. Thus, once he reaches adulthood, he will no longer be afraid of strangers.
Your kitten and other pets
It is self-evident that the most part of socialization process and its ultimate goal is to bring up your kitten into and adult able to live in harmony with humans. But that doesn’t mean you should rule out other options of getting your kitten appreciate other pets as well. If you already have one or more pets, he will have to get used to them. To introduce your kitten to a dog or a cat of the house, you can use a small barrier where he can see through so that he feels completely safe during the first contact. Do not rush this encounter and never leave your kitten alone with another cat or dog unless you are sure things are quite safe.
Separation anxiety
You have every reason to be satisfied; You have done a good job, you have raised your kitten so that he gets along well with human beings. But the other side of the coin: he is too much emotionally attached to you that he can’t stand being you separate.
Separation anxiety, which until now has only been diagnosed in dogs, is now recognized in some cats.
If your kitten seems anxious or stressed when you go out, it may be because he suffers from this separation anxiety. It is then possible that he is noisy or that he defiles the house in your absence.
Two tips can solve the problem. First, limit as much as possible the time you will need to leave your kitten alone. Second, avoid inadvertent demonstrations when you actually have to go out (looking for your keys every day for ten minutes is a good example of what to avoid). If your cat messes the house in your absence, do not punish him. Cats do not understand the meaning of punishment, and as his behavior is the result of stress, punishment will only make things worse.
Your veterinarian will give you all the additional information you will need.


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