Speaking to your little feline is not completely crazy as the idea may sound. Having a cat around is proven to be good for our mental as well as physical health. Therefore, we should find a way to say him thank you for his good care. How to do it, then? Here are some tips.
More than pets, cats has a distinctive place in our daily life since – pretty much like dogs – they have become integral part of our family, members of that family. Through love, cajoles, cuddling, feeding… we usually do everything we can to make them happy with us. Cats, on their parts, never fail us or turn ungrateful; they find a way let us know through vocalizations, small noises and other mimicry. What we need to know is the fact that we, too, are able to let them know we are happy having them around us!

Listening to your cat

By the simple act of trying listening to our cat, we assure him that he is much worthy, and that we love it living together; positive signals cats, as smart pets, never fail to grab. Rubbing his body against you tenderly? Show him tenderness through a soft caress. In truth, it is very simple to give pleasure to your cat and to communicate to him by means of positive gestures: do not be abrupt and bring him just what he needs at the moment when he makes you know.

Use softness to talk to your cat

We must not lose sight of the fact that the cat is a sponge with emotions. Are you angry or upset about something? He will feel it and will soon hide away from you. For him, when you leave home, you go hunting. Coming back grumblingly, he will understand that you have had trouble feeding everyone and that you are angry with him for not helping you, explains feline behavioralist Marie-Hélène Bonnet. Therefore, leave as much as possible your problems away from him and after a hard day, give him a smooth moment. Talk kindly to him about your day and tell him you love and affection, cuddle him if he asks, feed him and, especially, play with him! It is absolutely important that you be able to convey in a very clear way – with words and gestures – all the affection you feel for him.


Treat your cat with respect

To effectively communicate with your cat, you ought to learn how to show respect. You are not unaware that having a very fine hearing sense, and being of a cautious nature, the cat is very uncomfortable with the violent noises which may alarm him. Avoid speaking to him while screaming or trying to cover the sounds of music or vacuum cleaner.
Those are some of the major tips to improve your relation with your cat when it comes to communication. Once you apply all these valuable tips, you will never fail to communicate your love to your companion, exactly the way it should be done.


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