At last, you have made your mind to have a wonderful companion that will give you incredible experience of joy and warmth throughout your life.

The Decision Above All


The decision to have an animal in your house is of the kind that should be accepted by all the people living in the household who will receive the cat, accept it as a new member of the family and all should collaborate in providing good care and attention. If any of the people living with you disagree, you should listen to their reasons and accept them. If everyone agrees, it is time to go and look for our future partner.
Keep in mind that a cat can live up to 20 years, during which your life is more likely going to change a lot: we can change housing, relationships, even country, or work, have times of economic problems, have children, and many other things. But the cat will always be with us no matter what happens, we have to be responsible and consistent and keep it always with us, since it is a member of the family and will go with us wherever our lives lead us. Even when they may have problems, of health or behavior,they deserve your care and help, not otherwise, to have it as a pretext or giving up to abandon them. Keep in mind, there is always a way out to any kind of troubles; what you need is to think of your cat the same way as you do with dear friends and family. The life of a cat also changes in all those years, sometimes sick, and there are times of adaptation or behavior that may be altered by possible stressful situations or changes in the home or food. Nothing happens! Everything is balanced as in any family.
Best of all is that next to him you will learn a lot about yourself and your daily life will always be accompanied by a very faithful friend. Your home will be where your cat is, will always come to meet you when you get home, will huddle with you on the couch when you touch rest, sit on your books when you try to read, carry your memories with you all day in the form of hairs on your clothes And smile at the sight of them, steal your food some time and look for any game to make you laugh, and if you are sad or sick sometimes be sure that your cat will accompany you in silence and will not be separated from your side. Cats are unconditional friends for life, good and bad.
Most important, cats of any age are equally well home adaptable pets. If you have never had a cat, it is advisable to choose a more adult and know your character a little to know if it would fit with you. There are very energetic cats, others more shy, others very calm, some more affectionate than others … Small kittens are irresistible but think that they are usually unstoppable small earthquakes the first year and, thus, require a lot of time playing with them  and people with experience to teach them, for example not to bite or scratch. It is ideal if you prefer having a kitten, to take two instead, because both learn and play together, and will be inseparable for a lifetime. If you choose an adult cat, even if he lived on the street but is domestic or has gone through a previous abandonment, will adapt equally well to your house than any other cat, and are very grateful for being treated with a little affection and given a shelter. Any cat of any age can be your friend for life.
Cat age is matter that should not be underestimated when it comes to choosing a cat companion, especially for new owners who have zero experience with felines; a cat of particular age certainly means a different type of experience. You can also go ahead and add some other criteria to the check-list to better help you pick up the right cat for you and your household.

Cat Character

Cat character

This is the most important thing we have to look at when choosing our future cat. We have to think how we imagine our future cat, whether independent, very attached to us or both, with need to go outside (even semi-wild) or able to live indoors, very playful or rather quiet, and based upon that we decide our choice. It is very important that the character and needs of the cat adapt well to us and the type of environment that we can offer. If there are small children it would be ideal to look for very sociable cats and teach the children to interact with the cat without being overwhelmed or caught in a way that might bother. If there are elderly people, the ideal would then be a quiet adult cat that fulfills its function of companionship and at the same time receives the calm company of that person. The same if we have a very active cat and we want another cat, we will look for a cat with the same level of activity instead of a very quiet because they would not share common understanding and one would overwhelm the other.
The key is to look at the character of cats, although it is difficult thing to know in one day, but you can always seek the help of the people who work in the shelter who better know their cats. You would only need to tell them the characteristics of the cat you’re looking for.
The character of the cat does not depend on either sex or breed, each has its own character, tastes and peculiarities just like us, every cat is a world. If for example you already have a cat at home, it is easier to present a cat of the opposite sex, but both females and sterilized males can live with cats of the same sex without problem.
If you have adopted a cat, it is likely that it has been sterilized or you are able to do so after adoption, so in principle you do not have to worry about the zeal and territorial marking.


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