Yumi has a taste for adventure and nothing seems can come between her and satisfying such a thirst. On Wednesday, August 30, Olivier and Mélanie Buhagiar and their son Sacha call their little cat in their garden, Lafourguette neighborhood in Toulouse. Yumi, 5 months, usually go out during the day or evening and come back, always, for the time of the meal. But this Wednesday, seemed to carry different news; their calls intrigued no sign of life. The father of the family heard a cats fight in the night. “She had to be in the corner, she was afraid and did not find her way back,” he thinks. Worried, the family goes around the neighborhood in search of the animal. The next morning, still nothing.

The couple then prints more than 300 placards, sticking them out and distributing them around the house. Olivier and Mélanie contacted all the local veterinarians as well as several associations and leave messages on the facebook page “Pet alert 31”. But on Sunday evening, research has still not given anything. “At the time, we did not really believe much hope,” says Olivier.

Collected by an inhabitant

Yumi is alive and is found near Orleans, more than 570 km from Toulouse. “We received a phone call from a veterinarian who taught us that, it was so unlikely and incredible that we wondered if it was true,” says Olivier. It is true: the little cat Toulouse was collected by a resident of Saran, in the Orlean suburb and then identified thanks to its microchip. She is disoriented but healthy. “She was seated in the middle of the road, the woman came down from the car to push her to the side, took the wheel, and turned back a few meters to pick her up. She then deposited her in a veterinary office, “says Melanie. She took to Orlean search Yumi this Wednesday, 11 hours round-trip car, during the day. But it was worth it: “Since Yumi has returned, she’s happy to see us and sticks to us,” smiled Olivier, reassured.

How could the cat find herself so far from home? “She probably had to get into a truck, there are plenty in the industrial area on the Boulevard de Thibaud next door,” says Olivier. What happened during the five days when Yumi crossed half of France? The mystery will surely remain whole, well-guarded by the little furball.



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