Oscar surgery
Source: Youtube

We have been trying to save millions of lives around the world for many years, and fortunately research is also going in the direction of the animal world. And it is progressing.

Take Oscar, this seemingly ordinary cat as an example. Thanks to the sensational research of the very popular veterinarian Noel Fitzpatrick, who in England is known as one of the “best veterinarians in the world”; Oscar had a second chance in life.
Oscar the cat, was involved in an accident where his legs were seriously injured. So he lost part of his legs, but using a tip he can walk again today.
In the video below we see the moment when Oscar tries to walk for the first time with his prostheses.
It’s really amazing to see, and we’re inevitably as happy as if we were at Oscar’s.

This “best veterinarian in the world” really deserves to be praised for this progress – Share if you agree!


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