The kitty that resides in the Yvelines had been in state of  missing since 2008. It resurfaced in a local of of a resident in Cher who took him to the veterinarian.

Anne, a resident of the Yvelines whose cat had disappeared in 2008, certainly did not expect to receive this call. At the end of the line, a veterinarian who is living in Cher, told her the good news: her cat was found. Incredulous, the fifty-year-old counts her felines around her, finds that none misses the call. The four are there.
“Are you the owner of Calinou?” Asked the veterinarian. The shock will quickly turn into joy, but this question left her for a moment out of mind. Anne could not believe it. The cat she had offered her eight year-old daughter Juliette in 2008 has, unexpectedly, been found. His tattoo allowed to formally identify him.
The family, however, had attempted to reunite with Calinou after his disappearance. Unfortunately, the feline with the white dress and green-yellow eyes could not be found. The little girl had cried “whole nights,” her mother recalled.
A long and distant getaway
Juliette is now 17 years old and has not been crying for a long time. Still, the teenager who just celebrated her birthday is delighted. What happened to Calinou all this time? No one can say. He was found by an octogenarian at 425 km from his home in Saint-Amand-Montron. Unable to keep the animal, she had taken him to the vet.


The journey back home, by train, passed like a joy party. The encounter with the four other felines of the family was somewhat less successful. But apart from knots in his coat, Calinou, already 11 years old, is doing well.


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