So many studies went that the mere act of watching cat videos can enhance person’s energy and creative aspects of his or her personality as well as emotions- so no surprise that owning a cat has a number of merits that perhaps even cat owners do not yet know. In the following we introduce eight scientifically-proven benefits of having a cat.


1# It’s more eco-friendly than a dog

If a modest veil is thrown over the tons of litter necessary for the cleanliness of an apartment cat, the cat’s carbon footprint is less than that of the dog. To make sure, researchers at the University of Victoria have calculated the amount of space needed to make their food. Result: the dog, which eats more meat, pollutes as much as a 4X4, the cat as much as a Golf. It takes about 0.84 hectares to produce the annual food of a dog, and 0.15 hectares for that of a cat. But the most ecological remains the goldfish, which consumes only 0.00034 hectares, two smartphones.

2# A cat helps you cope up with hard time

According to a British survey, people who have just lost a loved one are more likely to mourn in the presence of a pet. But of all hairy therapists, the cat remains the superstar, thanks to the virtues of its purrs. “Listening to this sweet sound leads to the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, implicated in the quality of our mood,” says Jean-Yves Gauchet, veterinarian and instigator of “ron-ron therapy”. It’s so much melodic.

3# It makes the heart indestructible

Not only does the cat require less effort than the dog – that it is necessary to take to run even when it is a dog time (hello colds) – but it lowers the stress level of its human, as well as its anxiety, blood pressure … and therefore its risk of infarction. According to a study conducted for 10 years, cat owners have even 30% more chances to avoid a heart attack or stroke. Another study reveals that cat owners also go to doctors less often during the year. In return, it should have all your respect.

4# Enjoy your sleep

A cat spends about 18 hours a day sleeping, that is to say that it knows itself in gland … It is perhaps for this reason that a majority (especially feminine) confesses to prefer to sleep with a cat than a a roommate, according to a recent British survey. According to a study by the Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine (Minnesota), this hot hairball gives even 41% of respondents the impression of having a better quality of sleep, because the presence of a cat lowers the production of adrenaline. Well, except the kitten who decided to play with your feet in the middle of the night!

5# It is (almost) better than a lover

According to an Austrian study, the cat provides the same emotional benefits as living with a couple. And one can even give a few bonus points to the cat: to this day, no kitty has revealed selfish and perverse. It does not groan and gives beautiful chill out lessons by drowsing hours on the radiators. And even when one watches a series that is weak in bed, it does not lecture on morality, but instead comes to curl upon his knees. Better still, studies show that the cat remembers the lavish kindness and makes it a hundredfold.

6# Prevents allergy risks

For adults, it’s too late, but the presence of a cat with a baby performs miracles. According to a study published in the National Institutes of Health, children less than one year old exposed to a feline develop less allergies later: to domestic animals, but also to mites, pollen… A 7-year study by the Department of Allergy and Immunology at the University of Georgia, concluded that daily contact with a cat also exposes molecules known for their protective efficacy on the immune system.

7# It can play cat-guard role perfectly

Too personal, the cat? Tell this Montana couple alerted in the middle of the night by their kitty because a gas pipe leaked. Or to the parents of this little American savagely attacked by a dog, before a cat ten times smaller but valiant does not come to put the molosse in rout (the video went around the web). Scientists are still trying to understand why cats often have this protective instinct, but studies prove that they tend to alert their owners by meowing as soon as something goes wrong. Maybe because they like their humans, after all?

8# It assigns a cool personality


According to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, having a cat increases the level of oxytocin in the brain, a socializing hormone that helps move towards others. Friends of cats are also the friends of the human race. Other studies claim that cat owners are also less manipulative, quieter and more modest than those who do not have a cat. While an English survey reveals that 90% of single women find cat-loving men “more enjoyable” than others. Normal, girls have always had a very safe taste.


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