1# She knows how to take care of others

Cats lovers have an exceptional ability to care for others, feed another regularly and share their bed with him.


2# She always leaves you space in your life

She is accustomed to live with an independent cat, she knows very well what independence is like.

3# She has a great sense of humor

Cat lovers see a funny side in almost everything.


4# She is not afraid of commitment

With domestic cats that live up to an average of 15 years, one cannot deny that cat lovers are aiming for long term relationship.

5# She’s used to clean up the sh*t

She will not be afraid to bring her maternal side out with you!


6# She’s a loving person

They spend their day cuddling their cats!


7# She’s up early

She is used to getting up early to take care of her cat and the future belongs to those who get up early!


8# She’s happy

A study shows that people who own pets are happier!



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