Befriending hairball kind is rather a rewarding experience only felt and enjoyed by this feline masters. Cats are such dudes that are able to lighten up our lives. Nevertheless, our (cat masters) experience with our companions are full of ‘rough stuff’ that nearly go unnoticed.
To err is part of our human nature; can’t do without it. And cat owners aren’t supposed not know everything. Wishing to do well, it does happen that they push it the wrong way. Here is a proof :

1# We share our meals with our cat

Of a natural independent, it rarely comes to us … except when we eat. And there, one may give away: all that is in our plate is for our cat. Careful, some foods like avocado, grape or chocolate are very dangerous for him!

2# We underestimate our cat’s overweight

“No, it is not plump, it is just fluffy and I love it like that”: one also melts before the soft and strong mates … but in general, we must not forget that overweight is harmful to our cats health! It is our responsibility to take care of them and help them stay fit so that they do not develop joint or epidermal problems.

3# We give milk to our cat

And yet this practice is not recommended at all! Cow’s milk is too low in fat, protein and mineral salts, but too rich in lactose.

4# Sometimes our cat is being abused

He is sick, has fleas, panic, wants to do well … and that the drugs are for Men or for dogs, we eventually give them to him. An absolutely bad idea. If there are products specially made for cats, it is not for nothing: the others are not made for your cat, and can kill him. Let us be very vigilant!

5# We treat our cat, say, like a child

We take our cat in our arms, we talk to him, we cajole and tickle him,… we even convince ourselves that he answers us (well, that’s true: science has said, felines discuss with us)! But we must not forget that a cat remains a cat: we must not impose our too much cuddling upon the little feline.

6# We sometimes “punish” our cat

Once again, he lefts scratches of his claws on the wall or ravaged our apartment and exasperated, then we suddenly lose temper: “very bad kitty, to the corner, to the corner you go!” Totally counterproductive, completely meaningless. Our feline, unlike dogs, does not seek instinct to please his master . Cats only conceive your wrath as funny and pathetic!

7# We change our decor without thinking about our cat

Blow of madness, our interior does not please us, we change all of a sudden and there , it is the drama. We have forgotten that our salon tiger had its little habits. His whole universe is turned upside down. Being the master of a cat means learning to be patient and doing things gradually.

8# We do not clean the litter of our cat daily

We’re too tired and then , it stinks. But what we do not know is that our cat TOO is inconvenienced by the smell. If the latter finally considers it too dirty for him, he will go to do his business elsewhere in your home.


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