Even if your cat can not speak, it constantly seeks to communicate with you and find ways to tell you how much it loves you.
Unfortunately, you cannot read in its head. But you can still learn to recognize these few signs in the behavior of cats!
Just as dogs have specific behaviors to show you their love, cats have their own way to tell you “I love you”!

1. It kneads your leg with its paws

When a cat presses your leg or knee alternately with its paws, it’s not just to get the claws! If you observe its behavior when it makes its claws on the carpet or the chair, it has nothing to do with it. This is a way for it to show affection.
According to PetMD experts, “If your cat is rolled into a ball and it kneads your knee when you caress it, it turns your affection back and tells you that it loves you too. Unfortunately, it can be quite painful, because happier it is, the more it will sink its claws. ”
You can always place something between your cat and your knee, like a blanket, to prevent this love demonstration from turning your leg into tartar steak …

2. It brings you a gift

For a cat, it is the ultimate demonstration of love. By offering you gifts, it proves to you that it is yours. Your cat can bring you small dead animals, or toys. The type of gift depends on its character and whether it is a house or outdoor cat, but the intention behind the gesture remains the same.

As the cat does not see you hunting, it thinks you are going to die of hunger, so it worries about you and seeks to bring you prey. That’s exactly what cat moms do with their little kittens!
Amy Shojai, an animal behavior consultant, writes that “Cats show above all their love with gifts. Those who are good hunters catch everything from toys to insects, mice or frogs, and often share their loot with those they love. If your cat offers you the product of his hunt, this is not trivial: it deserves to be congratulated and awaits your gratitude in return. ”
This may seem odd, even a little embarrassing if you end up with a field mouse corpse at the foot at your feet. Yet a cat will never bring you that kind of special gift if it does not like you!

3. It gives you small head butts

To us humans, to give us head butts can seem quite strange. Yet again, this is not a matter to underestimate: this simple gesture proves that your cat really cares for you, and that it holds you in high regard!
Cats often do this among themselves, between members of the same group and especially within their families. In fact, cats have hidden odorous glands, concentrated in certain parts of their bodies, and especially their cheeks and heads. It is a social practice that aims to establish a common odor within the family group. By sharing this smell with you, your feline friend seeks to create a sense of belonging and strong social bond between you.
When a cat rubs its head against you, it seeks to show you its smell, and to claim you as a full member of its family. Leaving this olfactory imprint on you is both a source of well-being, familiarity and trust for your cat.

 4. It stares at you for a long time

If you share a strong bond with your cat, you may have already seen it catch your gaze, and blink slowly. Know that this is a sign of great affection! In chatting, it means that it has absolute confidence in you, and it encourages you to trust its back: it is the equivalent of a smile between humans, a sign that someone sends to another to tell him he is friendly and he wishes no harm.

Dr. Karen Becker writes that “This is perhaps the most easy-to-understand cat-love manifestation for humans. If your cat first looks at you, then blinks, opens them wide, then blinks slowly a second time, she’s just telling you it loves you and trusts you. ”

5. It shows you its belly

When a cat shows you its belly, it is one of many ways for it to tell you “I love you. ”
Like most animals, cats do not show their bellies to the first comer. This is a sensitive, vulnerable point and a cat in this position could be easily attacked, which is why it will only ever do so with a person in whom it has complete confidence. If your cat turns on his back and gives you a vision of its can, this is a sign that it feels good with you. It feels love and security in your presence, and it shows you the extreme confidence, otherwise, a cat would never risk making itself vulnerable by lying on the back.

6. It curves the tip of its tail

Watching your cat’s tail can be a good way to know the extent of his feelings towards you.
In a contribution to the Catster site, Marilyn Krieger, an animal behaviorist specializing in cats, explains that “cats express happiness and warm feelings by inflating the base of the tail and making it slightly shudder. Simultaneously, they hold their tails vertically with a slight curvature at the tip. ”
According to her, it is a kind of “dance of happiness” that the cat accomplishes with his tail.

7. It chews you and licks you

Do not get angry: nicking your finger nicely is a way for your cat to tell you that it loves you.
According to Dr. Karen Becker, “this demonstration of love on the part of your cat can be slightly painful … But your cat does not really understand that this bit of love is not always nice for you”.
This gesture can also be observed when your cat interacts with other cats. In fact, cats are used to biting themselves affectionately, and their skin is harder than ours.
When a cat licks you with his raspy tongue, it seeks, according to him, to get rid of your parasites and your dead skin. In nature, cats do this among themselves to help each other. Even if it is a good bet that a soap will be more useful for your hygiene than the tongue of your cat, the reflex remains.
According to Karen Becker it is an extreme sign of affection. “It’s the equivalent of being embraced”.

 8. It rubs against your legs

When your cat does not stop rubbing at you, it is because it is very fond of you.
Dr. Karen Becker writes that “rubbing against an object or another living being is the way cats mark olfactory stuff they hold. If your cat rubs against your leg, it transmits its smell to claim you as its own. It is a bit like the behavior of the head-butt: it wants to put down his smell on you.
According to Karen Becker, “It is important for your relationship with your cat to allow it to rub against you. This can only strengthen your ties”.

9. It purrs in a specific way in your presence

You’ve heard your cat purring. In fact, purr is a behavior that is not yet fully understood by ethologists (scientists who analyze animal behavior). What is obvious, though, is that it is something quite astonishing: cats only purr in the presence of humans. It is therefore a privileged way to communicate between them and us.
According to expert Amy Shojai, “the purring of cats can mean many things, from happiness to expressing anxiety. And the purring can range from soft and subtle to strong as a semi-trailer.”
However, it can purr at a specific frequency in your presence. If this is the case, it is an ultimate demonstration of love.

 10. It follows you everywhere

This behavior is not so common in cats. But if your cat is looking for your presence and follows you through the house to stay close to you, it is that you have a very powerful emotional bond!
According to Mother Nature Network, “If your cat follows you from one room to the next, jump over the tables and other house barriers to be near you, and still seems to prefer resting on your legs, it means it appreciates your company. ”
To find out if your cat follows you because it is looking for your company, just look at the time: if it is not time to eat but it still sticks to you, then you share something else, unique bond of love and affection!


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